Brands and Artists, the new compromise?

Brands and Artists, the new compromise?

The collaboration of brands and artists has always been a tricky tight rope to walk and often citied as total opposites, hence the picture. Getting the wrong matchup can be catastrophic and lead to fans of the artist saying that said artist has ‘sold out on their principles’. But then how do you avoid this? How about getting the right pairing in shared ideals, to then both achieve what they want and still retain integrity. There are a few companies that actually set about doing this, such as ‘Pitch & Sync’. They look at possible matches with similar ideological points. For instance a bad match up would be Coca-Cola and Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles with their lo-fi anti capitalist approach (debatable as they had signed to a major label). Whereas Coca-Cola and Coldplay some would say are an ideal match as it seems they both share an almost greed for money and commercialisation (again debatable, but really……….).

I think that brands and artists can work together with great effect, but the brand, and mainly the artist, must be very careful of what they are communicating to their fans. A conflict in interests would lead to a loss in fans, clients and overall business. A good understanding of what they are conveying is essential in making it work. Even if the artist believes their are no conflicts, they should step outside the brand of themselves, and see it from a fans point of view, even if it means employing focus groups.

Artists and brands could and do work, when thought about beforehand. But simply putting ones name on a product doesn’t cut it and the public are very wise to this. ‘Pitch & Sync’, and companies like it are the way forward for marketing, and even revenue making from the artists perspective. But you have to be careful as it is easy to loose balance and take the short term six figure cheque , but destroy any future revenue or longevity of the product.

It isn’t new, it just hasn’t had 100% hit rate because people sometimes don’t think that deeply about it, thats the new part.


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