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Assessed Article – Musical Opportunity: Investigating how new media channels have created opportunities for popular music artists

Introduction The digital age has brought about many changes within the music industry in both how we receive and how we consume music. It has been well documented that the music industry has had a hard time trying to keep up. In this article I will be looking at the way in which new media … Continue reading

Brands and Artists, the new compromise?

Brands and Artists, the new compromise? The collaboration of brands and artists has always been a tricky tight rope to walk and often citied as total opposites, hence the picture. Getting the wrong matchup can be catastrophic and lead to fans of the artist saying that said artist has ‘sold out on their principles’. But … Continue reading

How have new technologies impacted on the careers of popular music artists?

How have new technologies impacted on the careers of popular music artists? As we are now in the ‘Digital Age’, the way that music is produced and consumed is vastly different from even 10 years ago, thanks to the new technology it has brought. The artists and the industry have been forced to change (one, … Continue reading

Musical Opportunities

So then…….one of these blog contraptions that I keep hearing about. I am surprised that I have not written one sooner as I seem to always bend everyone’s ear. In this blog I will be looking at different parts of the music industry and how it affects myself in the progression of my project, Corinthian, … Continue reading